2016.10 도현한식당

retaildesignblog 2016.10 도현한식당

세계적으로 엄선된 호텔, 레스토랑, 스토어 등의 디자인을 소개하는 retaildesignblog에 투플라이가 소개되었습니다.
디자인투플라이의 도현한식당 프로젝트가 소개되었습니다.

Dohyun Korean Restaurant takes its name from owner and making Korean food such as home food based on Slogan “Honesty and Healthy”. Space of Dohyun Korean Restaurant designed vintage and graft Korean styled beauty. Also emphasize beauty of space.

At building time, we continue to use concrete after detached a mold so it could showing property of concrete. We point space with rafter’s Korean styled beauty and pattern of line and harmonized with old tradition. We designed harmonizing modern style and Korean styled beauty.

Designed by Twoply
Photography by Jang-Byung-Hee
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