2019.8 밥상위의 한우

retaildesignblog 2019.8 밥상위의 한우

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디자인투플라이의 밥상위의 한우 프로젝트가 소개되었습니다.

This is a high-class Korean restaurant.
You can eat sushi as well as Korean beef here.
The interior point is the courtyard.

Overall, the courtyard is placed in a dark, low-saturation space with stone and wood, and nature is drawn into the building to make it soft and lifelike. While there are a few tables in the middle that can be easily placed and make space even more efficient, there are many advantages of the Central Intelligence Department, which are important elements of space branding, so this space needed more than table placement.

While the Middle Ages are placed in the middle, the central intelligence is naturally the path to travel.
Partitions made of politics and meat create a traditional and oriental atmosphere.

Designed by Twoply
Photography by Lim hyuk kyun
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